Bob Weaver

General practice lawyer,
Real estate broker, 
Mortgage consultant,
General contractor
with a venture capital and securities brokerage background. 

Over 35 years of dedicated experience.

Location: In the PLS CPAs & Cali-Land Building
4725 Mercury St #210, San Diego CA 92111. 

Phone: 858-488-4433  

CalDRE 304497​ – Equal Housing

Want your dream home at a great price and terms?

We use the latest technology to search for what you desire, provide great service in negotiating the purchase, and handle the paperwork.

In listing your home, we provide these same benefits when you are selling.

We give substantial discounts on the real estate commission for first time San Diego home buyers, seniors, military veterans, and other select groups. Find out if you qualify.

NMLS 1431930​

Looking for home financing?
We help people get great financing on their real estate. 
How would you like to get a discount on the mortgage broker’s fees?
How would you like to get a free appraisal?
How would you like to get a credit on your credit report (by that I mean the credit report would be free of charge)?
How would your like to close your loan in less than 20 days?
Well, with us you can get those things and more! Let’s find out about your situation.
We provide these benefits to first time home buyers, seniors,  military veterans, and other categories.
Give us a call at 858-488-4433 and see you if you qualify.

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